Ramadan begins today for 1.7 billion Muslims

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan, which begins Saturday, disrupts the lives of 1.7 billion people who profess Islam in the world and account for 22% of the global population. In UK, 3 million people will start 1st Ramadan 2017 from May 28th, the month of fasting which is one of the pillars of Islam. While the holy month of Ramadan in KSA begins on May 27th.

The hours of abstinence between dawn and sundown – in which you can not eat, drink or smoke – require you to adjust work schedules, change test dates, change professional appointments and, above all, completely alter them The daily rhythm of each person, concentrating in the night all the activities.

Virtually the entire Arab world – Saudi Arabia, Egypt , the United Arab Emirates , Jordan , Iraq , Syria and Lebanon – begins on May 27th. While some of the European countries including United Kingdom, France, Belgium, etc. will observe first day of Ramadan 2017 on 28th May. The month of fasting, since in its cases the fourth crescent has already been observed in the sky by the human eye, as it is mandatory. The Moroccan Ministry of Islamic Affairs announced Sunday afternoon that the observation points planned by that institution and the Armed Forces could not observe in the sky the first moonshine of the new month, so that the month of “chaaban “(Prior to Ramadan ) will complete its 30 days this year.

In Ramadan one lives at night, because it is in the night hours when the believers eat, they gather, they go to the mosque, they return to eat, they watch the television and they even celebrate conferences and meetings of work. The result: there are many people who sleep poorly and poorly (due to the digestion of copious meals) during the month of Ramadan . In Morocco, for example, the Society of Sleep and Surveillance has launched a campaign to sensitize drivers not to take the wheel if they have not slept their eight hours.